Spiders around your home

Spiders can be some of the most loathed and feared pests around the home (2nd to cockroaches of course). There are many types of spiders throughout Australia however only a few main spiders that you are likely to run into around your home. Common spiders found in and around the house can range from shy and non venomous to highly aggressive and highly poisonous. 

4 common spiders around your home

  • The black house spider
  • This spider is very often confused with highly venomous spiders such as the funnel web spider, the truth is however although this spider can cause mild illness with its bite it is not highly dangerous. Often found around window frames and beneath eaves and external lighting, the black house spider lives within its messy webs collecting and consuming other small insects. Ranging from 8-17mm in size, it is one of the most common household spiders of them all.

  • The huntsman spider
  • With a name that gives this spider a bad perception, the huntsman spider is infact quite a timid and shy spider, opting to run far away when disturbed to keep clear of humans. Residing inside your gardens and around trees, the huntsman can often make its way inside your home via open windows or beneath doors. The huntsman spider is not a venomous spider however its large size makes it a feared yet common household spider. You can remove a huntsman spider from your home by approaching it slowly and placing a glass over the top, sliding paper beneath and releasing back into the garden as it can be a beneficial spider in eating much smaller, more annoying bugs.

  • The wolf spider
  • Fast and agile hunters, wolf spiders are very common in the lawns and gardens of most homes. These spiders, unlike the much similar 'huntsman spider' are more aggressive and can cause prolonged pain and discomfort to those who are unlucky enough to get bitten. During times of heavy rain, it is quite common to see wolf spiders wandering around and at times even making entry into your home. Keeping gardens tidy and lawns short can aide in wolf spider control.

  • The Sydney funnel web spider
  • The most feared of them all, with good reason. The Sydney funnel web spider is a highly venomous and highly aggressive ground dwelling spider which unfortunately, is quite common around most parts of Sydney. Living in bush land environments, these spiders are often found wandering around suburban backyards and can even be found in swimming pools. If someone you know is bitten by a funnel web spider, it is critical to call emergency services on 000 immediately. 

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