The Pest Partners offers services in the clean out and ventilation of your subfloor.

A large proportion of homes constructed prior to the year 2000 have a subfloor space, this space is the area below your floor and is often filled with a large amount of timber debris, old building waste left behind by years of trades / renovations and pests of all types. The Pest Partners provides services in the inspection, assessment, ventilation, clean out, disposal and treatment of your subfloor. 

Other issues that may arise in your subfloor include moisture, water leaks, damaged pipework and ventilation issues - all of which can contribute to the infestation of termites and other pests. It is important to understand the condition of your subfloor and ensure the health of your home.

Improved ventilation can reduce moisture and mould issues both within your home and in the subfloor area along with reducing odours associated with dampness. Your subfloor is apart of your homes ecosystem and much of the air within your subfloor rises to end up inside your home.

We offer cost effective and customised packages in the clean out, ventilation and rectification of your subfloor and can provide you with an obligation free quote including photographs and recommendations today.